Probash Service is a medical tourism company that provides Indian medical assistance to patients from Bangladesh. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Hospital selection: Probash Service has a network of partner hospitals in India that offer world-class medical care. The company’s team of experts will work with you to select the right hospital for your needs.
  • Appointment booking: Probash Service will book your appointment with a doctor at the hospital of your choice. The company will also help you to arrange for transportation, accommodation, and translation services.
  • Visa and travel arrangements: Probash Service can help you to obtain a visa and make travel arrangements for your trip to India. The company will also provide you with information on the latest travel advisories and regulations.
  • Accommodation: Probash Service can arrange for you to stay at a comfortable hotel or guest house near the hospital. The company can also help you to find a place to stay with a local family.
  • Transportation: Probash Service can arrange for transportation to and from the airport, hospital, and other locations. The company can also provide you with a car or taxi for your use during your stay in India.
  • Translation services: Probash Service can provide you with translation services so that you can communicate with your doctor and other healthcare providers.
  • 24/7 support: Probash Service offers 24/7 support to its clients. The company’s team of experts is available to answer your questions and help you with any problems that you may encounter during your stay in India.

Propash Service is a trusted and reliable medical tourism company that can help you to get the best possible medical care in India. The company’s team of experts will work with you to ensure that your trip is smooth and stress-free.

Here are some of the benefits of using Probash Service for Indian medical assistance:

  • Access to world-class medical care: India has a number of world-class hospitals that offer cutting-edge medical care. Probash Service has a network of partner hospitals that offer a wide range of medical services, including surgery, cancer treatment, heart care, and more.
  • Affordability: The cost of medical care in India is much lower than in many other countries. Probash Service can help you to save money on your medical expenses by negotiating discounts with hospitals and other healthcare providers.
  • Convenience: Probash Service can take care of all the details of your trip, including booking your flights, hotel, and transportation. This will free you up to focus on your health and recovery.

If you are considering medical treatment in India, Probash Service is a great option. The company’s team of experts can help you to get the best possible care at an affordable price.

উন্নত চিকিৎসা নিয়ে ভাবনার দিন শেষ, যারা ভাবছেন উন্নত চিকিৎসার জন্য ভারতে যাবেন তাদের জন্য সুখবর। আপনারা শুধু দেশে চিকিৎসার কাগজপত্র আমাদের দিবেন আমাদের টিমের অভিজ্ঞ ডাক্তারগণ সেসব দেখে আপনাকে বলে দিবে কোথায় কোন হাসপাতাল আপনার জন্য ভালো হবে, আমরা দেশে থেকেই এপোয়েনমেন্ট থেকে শুরু করে থাকার ব্যবস্থা, খাওয়া সব কনফার্ম করে দিবো কোনো রকম অতিরিক্তি ফি ছাড়া

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